Protests against the racists NPD-demonstration in Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde, the 3rd of August

###Protests against the racists NPD-demonstration in Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde are planned### Abolish the lager-system!###

Upcoming saturday, the 3rd of August, the NPD is planning demonstrations in front of the lager in Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde in order to build on racist resentments within part of the local population. We will not leave this provocation unanswered! Protests against the NPD actions in Eisenhüttenstadt will start at 9:30am. There is a bus leaving from Oranienplatz to Eisenhüttenstadt at 7.00 am. Come to Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde on saturday to steal the neonazis the show and to fight the racist normality!

“Our answer to this inhuman cheap propaganda against refugees in Brandenburg and Berlin is solidarity and determination!”, says the press speaker of the network, Peter Frank.

We will defend us consistently against fascist propaganda and institutional racism! Abolish the lager system! Flats for everyone! Asylum is a human right! Evict neonazis! Refugees stay!

After the actions in Eisenhüttenstadt we need your support and solidarity! One possibility to show it will be the summer-soliparty next saturday – 10pm at Rauchhaus. The first 100 guests get free icecream! Strawberrydaiquiri will be served as a special drink.

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