The Lager Watch Group! #lagerwatch now in focus on Eisenhüttenstadt: spd+die-linke controled city with lager runnig by B.O.S.S.

This is an open and moderate platform for the LagerWatch Op, anyone can feed information and you contact us to add your feed!

First are the human rights, justice and solidarity, only then are the social ones! This is the hub for the @lagerwatch in GERMANY (being a larger weapons exporter, land exploiter and governments corrupter). From here we, human right watchers, inform you about actions for break isolation. Currently we are focused on Eisenhüttenstadt. See also #LagerWatch and LagerWatch@facebook.

  • We@20/07/13 - after 3 days: We now proved that by a leagl sittin-kissing-the-lager, and even in highly racist environment, we can get information, can strongly publishing it, can analyze it and can connect the people to necessary legal support, following the crimes of the private company B.O.S.S cooperating with the police regularly instructing the curt under political guidance of spd+die-linke. We are non-political but still questioning the separation of powers and what is the political power of any political power, specifically such as of the one named "the left party".
    • And now, with an historical perspective, we are investigating this: How far from being and/or acting as a police state with private company-fingers are the whole of Germany and each of its parts?
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